Eden Hart



Eden Hart is a photographer and mixed media artist whose work has been exhibited around the world. 

Having studied in New York, Eden is now based in her studio in Buenos Aires. Her work looks beyond traditional photography, bringing scanography, metalwork, chrystalography, weaving and printmaking into photographic pieces. 

Her series, All That Glitters, is described as a series of miniature epics, transforming microscopic detail into jeweled works of art. These are intricately sculpted pieces, with mountains made from chrystalised aluminium sulphate and a galaxy of stars made from salt. 

Her most recent work, Head in the Clouds, reflects another dimension to Eden’s mixed media approach. Resisting the notion that photography is intrinsically reproducable, the pieces in the Head in the Clouds series are all one off, hand finished works, with each cloud formation created across a palette of ten colours, each printed once only. 

Eden Hart is represented exclusively by The Artful Project where you can find more of her work. Find Artful here.

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